Efficient agencies implement with Redux

Better business decisions happen faster in Redux, the most powerful framework for developers, agencies, and enterprises.

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Enable efficient development
Enable efficient development

Working with Redux enables a singular approach to developing in WordPress. Cross-functional and cross-departmental teams love Redux because it is so easy to extend and understand.

Save time for smarter work
Save time for smarter work

Developing with Redux provides faster iteration, reducing your lines of code and reducing your overall risk. With access to every major interface in WordPress, power and opportunity are at everyone’s fingertips.

Put implementation in motion
Put implementation in motion

Build from anywhere, without learning new APIs. With the Redux API, all the methods are common. You can implement the same panel in the customizer as you do metaboxes. All your team has to do is copy and paste.

Peace of mind with built-in and complete modern coding standards.

Confidence in a product is knowing it will perform as you expect – and knowing it will do so securely. The features inside Redux will never compromise your company’s security. Every line of code has been properly vetted against the WordPress coding standards. Redux is enterprise-grade so that you can build with confidence.

  • Proper sterilization throughout
  • Safe validation throughout
  • Escaping at every output
  • Modern coding standard
  • PHPCS compliant for all WordPress standards

Get more out of WordPress

Redux adds value to your existing development processes by standardizing the way in which you build in WordPress. Cut down time spent switching between different WordPress APIs, frameworks, and coding standards.


Build out your options and allow your clients to change settings in real-time.


Build out insanely complex panels to control every aspect of your product.


Extend your settings panel into page or posts, but allowing panel overrides.


Now you can let your ckuebts benefit from an ever-growing library of templates.

Manage large, complex products with Redux Pro

With the heavy-lifting Redux manages, complex products are a snap to implement. And with tight integration between the various WordPress APIs, agencies can focus on their product, and not how the data interacts.

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  • Scale with unlimited filtering
    Agencies can build multiple plugins that all interact with one another. With the hooks inside Redux you can alter, add, or even override full fields with a simple command.
  • Build bridges between APIs
    Redux works hard so agencies don’t have to. Metaboxes values override option values when using the same identifier. Customizer values and settings API values can be linked. All from a singular API.
  • Find data across WordPress
    With simplistic helper functions, it is easy to fetch data for use in an agencies other products. You can even use WordPress queries to fetch and add data to any supported field through the data argument.

You’re in good company

Teams of every size, shape, and kind have already made Redux their primary toolkit when building with WordPress.

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