Design full pages with Gutenberg quickly

Choose from 1,000+ pre-made professional designs as your website design starting point, then implement or customize with the WordPress block editor. Quick, easy, all you.

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Choose ANY template

Redux offers 1,000+ pre-made professional design templates. You can get a small selection free, and all 1,000+ for your sites with Redux Pro.


Redux has made my life simple. I’d like to thank Dovy and whole team behind this project. You folks are awesome!

Ahmad Awais

Ahmad Awais


Keep your fonts up to date, and your site looking amazing (Pro)

Add ANY web font to your website and integrate it everywhere. Plus, Google Fonts updates their fonts every ~4 days! If you don’t stay up to date, your site’s fonts could stop working! Don’t worry, Redux Pro has you covered: we’ll keep your fonts always updated.


Advanced Customizer (Pro)

Get full customizer support with Redux Pro! See every change that happens when you change settings, all before saving. You’ll get a live preview without first making sure you’re happy with the change.

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Quickly build beautiful pages with WordPress