Simplify and accelerate your development

Building a product based on Redux gives you tools and features that would normally take months to years for any team to develop.

Developers use Redux for Options, Metaboxes, Customizer, Taxonomy Meta, User Meta, Dynamic CSS, Custom Fonts and more.

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Trusted by industry leaders world-wide

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Ship faster with Redux

Freelancers use Redux to quickly build products and get them out the door. All while being able to use every WordPress interface you could every need integrated into a single API.

The Redux API removes the complexity of working in the various interfaces of WordPress. If you want to use a new interface, simply declare it and Redux takes care of the rest.

For freelancers Redux means blazing fast iteration, allowing you to focus on your product.

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“Redux is a huge time saver for any web developer. In my opinion it should be a standard tool for admin WordPress developer… Instead of spending 4 days on creating admin options, it now takes me 4 hours.”

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Implement without losing sleep

You know your users will want to customize the colors, of course they will. With Redux that pain is removed from you. You simply provide a CSS selector and dynamic CSS will be applied to the site instantly.

Do you want more power over your stylesheets? Redux has a second to none compiler integration which will allow you to perform your customizations whenever a specific subset of fields are changed.

Custom Fonts are a powerful feature you can provide your clients without any effort on your part. Your users will be able to upload any web font to their panel use that font instantly in any Redux typography field. Redux will even output the custom CSS to the font-end.

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It’s your time to create better products – faster

With 49 different field types, you are in control

Round pegs don’t fit in square holes, and neither should your product. You decide how your clients interact with your creation, without limits.

Every input type has been hand crafted and bulletproofed through millions of users. If you have an input field that expects a number, a user cannot input a character.

Only you know what your product needs.

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